Friday, April 23, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes.

Here's some of the gems that came out of my almost-3-year-old's mouth the last couple weeks.

"Mommy! When I get out of the bath my fingers are all tinkly!"

"Oh! That scared my crap out!"

"Carry me. My legs are broke."

(Heavy sigh) "What a day, what a day." -said at 8am.

"Mommy, I can feek fannish. Uno, dos, tuh-race, carto, seeenko!"

"Bark! Bark! I'm a dog. My name's Biscuit!"

"Mommy, when will everyone wake up? Don't they know it's good-morning-time?"

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The Rykse Family - Jodi said...

i LOVE it!!! SO cute! You'll be glad you wrote those down! The things they come up with at this age!!! :)