Monday, December 6, 2010

My Stuff's in a STORE!!

I was recently contacted by a super sweet woman named Carol. She was opening a gift shop in a suburb of Charleston and after peeking around on Etsy had stumbled on my shop. She called me up and asked to carry some of my items in store. IN. HER. STORE! I was so excited. I have a couple other people carrying my items but none of them are local. This one I could actually walk into and see my stuff there on the shelf. I was so pumped!
Last week I met her daughter and sold some of my items to them for their grand opening on Saturday.
Then today, we were in Mt. Pleasant for Jonah's doc visit-he's cast free (for now anyway)-and the hubby said that since we were over on this end of town we should stop by Pure Gifts and see my stuff live & in person.
We walked in and Jonah was the first one to spot something of mine...painted ornaments hanging on the Christmas tree. I think he was just as excited as I was!

Here's me in front of my bowholders on the wall, cheesing it up with my burpie sets!

And after talking to Ms. Carol today after my visit to the shop, I am going back on Saturday with more goodies for her to carry.

If only we didn't have to move to Oklahoma in a couple weeks...

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The Learned Lady said...

Congrats, Jen! That is so exciting! I'm so happy to see your little business taking off :) That's really an accomplishment to be excited about. :)