Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Only in Oklahoma.

So you all know that my family is struggling to adapt to Oklahoma. It's no secret that we're not fans of this place and we're praying the next 14 mos go quickly so that we can try for a new base. But last night we realized why we despise it so much; we haven't had a chance to like it becuase we've been fighting natural disasters since we got here!
So far in 2011 I have lived through the following:
*Snowmageddon (the local news' term for the insane snows we got in Feburary)
*Tornado superoutbreaks
*Ridiculous heat this summer
The only thing we haven't experienced is a hurricane. We've heard people say that next is a hurricane in Lake Hefner, but that's bone dry from the heat this summer so I'm not too worried about that. ;) Besides- I grew up in Florida so I can handle those. Give me a hurricane over any of the aforementioned disasters any day.
And after last night I'm pretty sure Oklahoma is suffering the wrath of God. We were under a tornado watch from about 8:30pm-4am, and at 8:47, a 4.7 earthquake rattled the house. Talk about an unwanted double whammy. I called my parents in North Carolina and told them not to be surprised if they woke up in the morning and Oklahoma had been sucked into a black hole or wiped off the map by a meteor. Seems like that's the track we're on lately.

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