Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Week in the Adirondacks. Part Three.

Tuesday we made a trip to Lake George. We had been planning on spending the day down there on the 4th to watch their fireworks, but since Mike had to work on Saturday, we decided to go on Tuesday instead. And it's a dang good thing we did, because it turns out that the holiday fireworks were going to be set off on Friday, not Saturday. I'd have been mad!
On the way to Lake George, there is a big 'ol wooden chair on the side of the road, and it is one of the things I remember most about my first trip to New York back in 2001 when Bobby & I were newlyweds. I had strict instructions from my mother to take a picture of the kids in this chair. So, here you go Ma! Mini-golf was a big hit for all the kids. But I think I enjoyed it the most, becuase on Hole #9, I got a hole-in-one, y'all!! Hubby claims he didn't see it, and so do the boys (of course), but Debby's got my back. Don't ya Deb?!
Next was a carousel ride. The boys have their ears covered because over the music there was a horrendous grinding sound that lasted the entire time. It was bad.
Beautiful Lake George.
I think that the general consensus from the kids was that the arcade was the highlight of the trip. Sophia's favorite was the "bowing addey". She got so excited! Now, Debby's probaby going to kill me for this one because I don't think she knew I took it. But it was so cute of her & the boys that I couldn't resist. I love you Debby, I promise!!
And a trip to Lake George is never complete until you've had some Martha's ice cream. Sophia enjoyed hers ALOT.

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