Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Reading Update

Well, Mr. Noah is about 7 weeks into his summer reading for school. Remember his goal? Well my friends, I think that he will blow last year's totals out of the water. To date, my book-a-holic son has read:

2823 pages!

He has until the end of August to keep reading because he doesn't need to turn in his papers to the school until the first week of September.

The boys have also read almost all of the 30 hours for the public library. They went in with their 15 hours and picked hockey tickets and ice skating passes. And through the base library they've earned countless free bowling passes for the base bowling alley. From last Wednesday to this past one, Noah read over 400 pages, so he got 4 bowling passes just himself! And Jonah and Sophia each got one for having 10 books read to them in the week time limit (the base library goes from Weds to Weds).

Noah's favorite books are the Cam Jansen books and Nate the Great stories. Clearly my boy likes mysteries.

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Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Wow! Your little Noah man is a reading MACHINE!

I love how the base libraries make reading during the summer so much fun. Our bade library has a wonderful summer program; I was sorry to have to miss it this year. There's always next year! We'll be bowling our little hearts out just like y'all :)