Thursday, August 6, 2009

So I have this shirt...

First of all, let me start off by saying that I am not one to be superstitious. Wearing the same pair of underwear during hockey playoffs becuase every game you wore them you won? Gross. Not washing your uniform because you're on a winning streak? Eewww. Purposely not wearing something becuase you feel it brings you bad luck? Never gonna happen.

That is, until I got this shirt.

I love this shirt. It's comfy, cute, and was on sale. I get compliments on it by random people when I'm out. It's my favorite. But every time I wear it, someone gets injured. The day I debuted it, one of the neighbor boys got hit in the head with a baseball bat and had to have stitches. I got some blood on it from carrying him to his house, and thought that was the end of my shirt. But by some great miracle, the blood came out. I took this as a good sign. But I was wrong. The next time I wore it, the same boy cut his foot and had to go to the ER. I put the shirt away in the closet for awhile and pulled it out a few weeks later when I had absolutely nothing else clean. This time it was Jonah that it affected. He tore all the skin off the tip of his big toe when he was running across the asphalt barefoot. I swore off the shirt yet again. But yesterday I put it on one more time because I was doing the laundry from our weekend trip and it was the first clean thing I grabbed out of the closet. Sure enough, the shirt's evil powers were at work again. Noah took a header off his bicycle and busted up his lip, scraped up his face, and got road rash all over his elbows and knees.

So I don't know what to do. Do I keep wearing the shirt because it makes me feel good, but in turn jinx every child around me when I do? Or do I just let it hang there in my closet waiting to be loved, and save it for a day that I'm sans children? I'm torn, I tell you. Torn.

My dear sweet Bad Luck shirt, why must you cause so much turmoil?


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

On the chance of being thought crazy, I will tell you about my John Mayer superstition.

Every time I play John Mayer someone gets hurt. Badly. It happened so many times that I got scared and threw the cds away.

I say, tuck the shirt away... :) But that may just the John Mayer superstition in me talking.


Autumn Leah Designs said...

Wow that is crazy! Im not superstitious at all... but that is a little freaky!
I am not giving any advice on this one...