Thursday, December 10, 2009

I am a Hockey Mom

This may come to a shock to all of you, because it certainly caught me off-guard, but apparently my quiet, tenderhearted, passive oldest son takes out his frustrations on the ice. Last night at their practice I had two moms confront me saying that Noah was too rough on their sons (mind you, these two boys are way too young and ill-prepared to have moved up to this level of hockey...the parents just ignored the coaches input and moved them up anyway). They said that both of their boys had complained about them and they witnessed it themselves and Were. Not. Happy.

Umm...did we not sign our children up for HOCKEY?!

I realize that the boys are at the Termite level (beginners for you non-hockey folks out there) and that no, contact is not allowed at this age, but's hockey. And quite frankly I'm extremely surprised that Jonah hasn't dropped his gloves and gone after someone yet!

1 comment:

Goon Squad said...

If you can't take the heat...
...well, in this case, if you don't like the cold, get off the ice!
Stick to your guns Mom!