Saturday, December 5, 2009

Maybe I'm jinxing them?

It happened again. Just like last year, the week or so after we took Christmas card photos, one of my kids decided to injure themselves. Last year it was Jonah. This year Noah decided to damage body parts. And neither one of them chose an inconspicuous area to harm. No way. Jonah's was his face, and Noah has added another scar to his head. The boys were playing around at the hockey rink and Noah went under the bleachers to rescue a lost ball, and in the process cut open his head. He has quite the gash on the top back portion of his head. Right where his cowlick is, which made it real fun to shave the hair away. A nurse friend of ours was there and examined it and said that we probably should get stitches, but we could get away with cleaning it out really well and using steri-strips to close it up. I voted for stitches, but the hubby and Noah (duh!) vetoed. So we hit up CVS and then came home to play Triage Nurse.

(Noah wanted me to take pictures of his head, but I thought I'd spare everyone the image. Your imagination will be enough.)

The way we had to shave around his head makes it look like he's wearing a crooked yarmulke.

I guess I should look on the bright side- we already took pictures for Christmas last weekend. And Noah finally got the haircut I've been begging him to let us give him.

But considering the track record the last couple of years, maybe having Christmas pics done is jinxing them?!

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