Thursday, July 29, 2010

On being the mom of boys...

Here's a little story that is sure to ellicit a wide range of reactions. Those of you with boys that are oh, say, 6 and above will sympathize. Those with toddlers or cute, adorable little baby boys, this is your warning. And for those of you out there who are considering procreation, take this as a form of birth control. And if you still want kids after reading this, well...I'll pray for you.

The hubby is coming home for the'll be the first time he'll be back home since he left for training 2 weeks ago. I want to make sure the house is clean when he comes, so that he doesn't have to spend the weekend pitching in...just playing with the kids and getting some quality family time in since he'll have to leave again Sunday night. So today I formed my plan of attack, and it started with the boys' bedroom. I knew it would require the most energy so I started there first because it was in BAD SHAPE my friends. I walked in armed with garbage bags and the vacuum cleaner.

Three and a half trash bags (of broken toys and food!!) later, I was in the home stretch and helping the almost-9 year old fix his bedspread. And when I lifted the pillow, I saw it.

The jock strap, cup still encased in the pocket.


Baseball season ended in May, wonder the boy can't fall asleep at night! How I did not see this months ago is beyond me. I require them to make their own beds every day; apparently it's time to run some quality control around here.

So, my fellow readers, let this be a warning to you: If you have boys, you better get that iron stomach ready because you'll have to face all kinds of craziness.

I'm getting a twitch in my eye just thinking about what the teenage years hold in store for me...

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Mama Mack said...

LOL! We should start our own blog - call it "Boys and Birth Control" or something equally eye catching. Mine is not even 15 months and I already know that what I'm experiencing now is only going to get worse. Oy vey...I feel ya lady :) Thanks for the laugh today!!