Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Finds on Etsy: The Snootie Pig

I've been slacking with my Friday Finds posts since the is just nuts right now!

But last week I was perusing Etsy and found a fun little shop that I instantly fell in love with. Even the name was cute...The Snootie Pig.

What had initially caught my eye was this super cute headband.

I loved the fun spring/summer colors, but I don't wear headbands, and it was way too pretty to put on Sophia (sorry munchkin!). And then I noticed that in the description of the headband, the shop owner, Alison, mentioned that you could swap out the headband for a pin/brooch. SCORE! I have a ton of plain tanks and tees that need some glamming up, and this was perfect!

I contacted Miss Alison about a possible trade, and she informed me that she had actually made it for a blog giveaway later in March, and she listed it to generate interest. Darn! But then, the oh-so-sweet Texas lady said that it was indeed for sale, and that she was currently running a promo in her shop for 10% off purchases made in February.

She twisted my arm with that one and I instantly snapped it up! It came in the mail a few days later and I was so excited to open it. And when I did I was giddy all over was even more fun and cute in person!

It's going to be PERFECT to accessorize all those plain shirts that I own-I'm a boring person when it comes to fashion- and you better believe that I will be packing it in my suitcase when we take our family vacation this summer.

I can't wait to show it off...and I really can't wait to grab a few more goodies from Alison's shop and become a somewhat-fashionable momma!

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Dawn said...

Jen, I LOVE this idea! I have a lot of plain tees and tanks, too, and this is a perfect idea. I am going to go check out the shop. Thanks for sharing!!