Friday, December 19, 2008

To-do List:

Here's my holiday to-do list. A lot of it will have to get done TODAY because we will be in Florida from tonight through Monday the 22nd, thanks to hockey.

Jen's Christmas To-Do List:
Cut out felt pieces for teapot & teacups DONE
Sew teapot & teacups DONE
Finish Sophia's Christmas shirt DONE
Pack for Florida DONE
Sweep before trip DONE
Finish Christmas ornaments for Mom DONE
Clean house top to bottom (Christmas Eve day) DONE
Make onesie & burpie for Etsy order DONE
Mail out Christmas cards DONE
Finish wrapping Christmas gifts DONE
Get Eggnog from Publix for Christmas Eve DONE
Dishes DONE
Laundry DONE
-Towels DONE
- clothes from trip DONE
Make truffles, church windows, and cheesecake for Christmas Dinner DONE
Bake Cinnamon Bread DONE
Try not to lose my mind NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!

Think I'll get it all done by Thursday? Keep in mind that I'm going to have 3 full days away from my house between now & then. Pray for me, ya'll!

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