Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Reading

When I was growing up, our public library had summer reading programs, where if you read x amount of books, you'd get prizes. The coveted prize for our family was 2 tickets to a Florida Marlins baseball game. My sisters & I would read our eyes out so that we'd end up with 6 tickets for a game...and one of us would be able to bring a friend. We loved it! Our school would also do a summer reading deal too, and so we'd get to put the books we read on two lists instead of one!

Noah came home from school on the last day with a bunch of Scholastic books, and a paper called NBLU (No Book Left Unread), which was their reading log for the summer. They have to tally up how many pages the read all summer long, and the top readers get a prize at the beginning of the school year. Noah was the top reader in the ENTIRE SCHOOL last year and got his name on a plaque in the school library. He came home and told me that his goal for this summer was to 'blow last summer out of the water'. So the boy has issued himself a challenge. And so far, one week into summer, he has read 553 pages! I'm so proud of him! He definitely gets that from me...I love to read.

Both boys are reading for the public library here too. When they read for 5 hours they get a certificate and a medal. Read for 15 and you get your choice of either a ticket to the Charleston Battery professional soccer game or a ticket to the Carolina Stingrays hockey game AND a ticket to the Carolina Ice Palace or Karate lessons. Gee, I wonder which they'll choose?! Read for 30 hours and you get a tshirt andpasses to the Children's Museum of the Lowcountry and the Gibbes Museum of Art. They'll also get entered into drawing for the grand prize.

And not only that, but there is an adult reading program too! You just enter a slip each time you read a book and you're added into a weekly drawing for lots of great prizes...including a $50 gas card! Who can't use free gas??

Who's ready to read? WE ARE!!

*Any suggestions for good books for momma to read will be welcome!*


Terren said...

I don't know if they count YA fiction but I enjoyed books by Alyson Noel...Along the lines of Twilight but smaller, and with Immortals. I have a bunch more if you want them. I've been reading all summer between my textbooks so I don't get school bored :D

Julie said...

Hannah and I just got done reading the Fabelhaven series and The Underland Chronicles, great fantasy books! The best thing is that we both enjoyed them. Maybe we will send them your way so you guys can enjoy them too!