Tuesday, September 8, 2009

That is one big plane.

There are so many ups & downs being a military wife. Today I got to enjoy one of the 'ups' because I toured a C-17!I chose a horrible day to wear a skirt!
The hubby & the base ADC in the cockpit (Hubby's the one on the right).
View from the front of the cargo bay out the back when the tail was open. I love this picture.
View with the tail closed.
All the seats along one side.
Even cargo planes have a "Fasten Seatbelt/No Smoking" sign!
The tail alone is 58 feet tall. This plane is 183 feet long from nose to tail, and the wingspan is around 180 feet. It's HUGE! I was very impressed. Maybe I'll get to ride in one someday!

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