Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Finds on Etsy: Janey Mac

After we moved into our new house, I realized that I had alot of decorating to do. We suddenly had more rooms and walls to accentuate. So naturally, I turned to Etsy for some inspiration.

I had been eyeing vinyl wall decor for ages...I just didn't have many options of where to put any in the old house. But here...lots of options. The first place that I realized I needed something was my new half bath downstairs. It's a pretty small room and is painted dark gray. Instantly I thought of this color scheme: black, yellow and gray. So I searched Etsy for the perfect fabrics and accessories. Remembering my love for vinyl art, I found this piece from Janey Mac:I ordered it in my colors and then waited. Just a few days before I had hoped it would come, I got an email from the shop saying that their cutting machine had broken and that it would be a few days before their new part came in, so about another week until I would recieve my art. Then she proceeded to inform me that due to the delay, she would either refund my purchase or if I still wanted the art (which I desperately did!!), she would send me a gift certificate to make up for the delay. Honestly, I would've still wanted the pieces even without compensation...but that just shows the level of customer service that Janey Mac provides. When the art did come I was so excited! I dropped everything and put it up right away. Here's how it looks in the bathroom:Amazing isn't it? I'm in love. With a bathroom.
Janey Mac sends a small vinyl along with your purchase so that you can practice the application process without messing up your main piece...awesome huh? The piece that we got was a green fleur de lis, which we decided to put in my sister's room for some added flair on her wall. It looks great!
Now I have a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket. There are so many things from this shop that I want. The decision will definintely be tough. But the front runner is this design for above the headboard of my bed...

Whatever I decide to cash in my certificate on, I will let y'all know. And I'm pretty sure that I will end up having something from this shop in just about every room of the house at some point.

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