Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Finds on Etsy: Organization

Having just moved into a new house recently, organization is at the forefront of my thinking. I'm trying really hard to get my craft supplies set up functionally. This is no easy task, as I went from having a full room devoted to my crafts in the old house, to having it all in my (VERY LARGE) bedroom. Currently I have bins scattered in my closet, bedroom, and hall closet.

I'm also trying to organize the boys' room as well...again we went from having a playroom at the old house to having a huge bedroom for the boys, so the toys are all in with them now. Organization is key to keeping a 6 and 8 year old boys' bedroom tidy!
This thing is a serious need in our house. The hubby has accumulated quite the collection of neckties over the last few years due to coaching hockey. We're always searching high and low on game days for a tie...but this tie organizer by markumswoodnglass would save so much time!!
I must have one of these. I mean it. MUST. I have a notebook in my purse for all the little things I need to get on my errand running. Then, in one of my purse pockets I have coupons for stores like Michaels, AC Moore, Babies R Us, etc. I'm always digging around for those suckers and presenting them to cashiers all wrinkled and sometimes even torn. How perfect would this Mini List Taker from Bits N Pieces Etc be to keep them all together with my lists??
How about these handy closet dividers from The Paper Party Design Co? They come in sets of 5 and can be made to show sizes or have words on them. I'm thinking of getting some for the boys' closests with labels like "Short Sleeve Shirts", "Long Sleeve Shirts", etc on them.

While looking around for organization helpers, I came up with a couple of my own ideas so maybe I'll add some to my shop sometime too...keep checking back!

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Diana said...

Brian has to wear a tie to work everyday, and for Christmas a couple years ago I got him a wall-mounted, battery-operated, rotating tie rack. It has been a life saver. :) I think it was about $15 at Bed Bath and Beyond. (after my coupon of course!) It may not be as cute as the wooden one you posted, but it holds probably 3 times that many, and it rotates them around so you don't have to search.

And you'll be organized before you know it! You're Super-Jen!