Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Finds on Etsy: Back to School!

Who's ready to wake up early and head off for some learnin'? I know I'm ready to send my precious children out the door next week- aren't you?? Of course I went to Etsy to find the cutest stuff for back to school. Where else would I go? And let me tell you what...I can't wait for Sophia to be old enough so I can start shopping for girly back to school clothes!

Here's my picks from Etsy this week:
First up are these CUTE snack bags from Dress Baby Beautiful. What a great idea for lunch boxes! Eco friendly and stylish all in one great pack. She has lots of different fabrics available too, so make sure you check out her Kid Fun section for the perfect bag for your little one! Next up is one of my favorite bows from my own Etsy shop, Jen's Craft Corner. I really really can't wait for my little monkey's first day of school so she can wear one of these herself!Last up are these adorable clips from Myrtle's Boutique. They would be perfect to help your favorite teacher stay organized!

Happy Back to School!!


Jennifer said...

Hey Jen, I am not an esty shop owner, but I do have some extra Avon stuff around, and was wondering if you might want to give away a basket of products to your customers, all i ask in return is for you to put my website and contact info with the give away info

Jen said...

Sure that sounds good. Send me an email let me know what you're interested in offering.