Thursday, August 28, 2008

I HATE Bank of America.

So here's the story. We moved to SC almost 7 months ago. We updated all of our bills and the bank account right away. My debit card expires at the end of August (as in a few days from now) and so when I called a couple week ago to see when they were mailing my new one, they informed me that it was sent out in July and I should have it now. Mind you, I had JUST verified my SC address to them to prove that I was indeed who I claimed to be-the woman says "You're still living in Suprise, Arizona, correct? Because that's where we mailed the card". ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I told her that no, we weren't there and that we had changed our address more than once with them, and that I had just given her the new one not 60 seconds earlier.
My card never got forwarded, so I had to cancel my card in order to get a new card sent out. Cancelled the card over a week ago and still no debit card! I HAVE to have my debit card!! Checks just don't cut it anymore and I'm seriously frusterated right now! I really want to scream.


Brandon said...

SURPRISE!!! You don't get your card (sorry I couldn't resist). Anyway, I used to work for B of A (a while ago) but I'm pretty sure they had a temporary ATM card, I'm not 100% sure if they still do or if they ever actually did, so I'd call before you pack the boys up and head to the bank.

Jen said...

I did ask about the temp card, but that's only for regular BofA account holders. We are in the Military Banking side of BofA and they're not available to us. Nice, huh?