Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We have been getting rain for Tropical Storm Fay, for about 3 days now. And we're not even in it's path! We're forecasted to get Fay-related rain clear through the end of the week, too.

My hubby is down in Alabama for some training with the military, and I got texts from him last night saying "The storm's here!" and "Well, now the power went out." I talked to him on the phone for a bit last night, and he was standing outside because he didn't get good reception inside, and I could hear the wind whipping around (he said that it was going about 45-50 mph) and the rain slapping the side of the building. And it definitely wasn't a comforting thing when he interrupted me to say "Oh! There go a couple branches from that tree!" Just what a wife wants to hear when she's on the phone with her hubby.

I talked to him again today and the power had come back on sometime during the night. He said that there was alot of damage around the base and the surrounding areas outside the gates. Then later on he texted me saying the storm was back and just as bad as last night. He was holed up in his room most of the afternoon because the wind and rain were so fierce. He has assured me that they can cancel up to 4 days of class without it affecting their end date, so as long as they don't have to cancel the entire week, he will still be coming home in a couple of weeks as originally scheduled. I think that is my biggest fear aside from him getting hurt...that he may not be home when he should be.

Thankfully we have still been able to have cell phone contact. It's kind of ironic, really, because he said that the last couple of days have been the best connection he's had when we're on our cell phones. Go figure, eh?

Anyway, please keep my hubby, and all those affected by T.S. Fay in your prayers. Pray for the safety of those still involved and those who are waiting for it to come. And pray that those who have already been hit by the storm can rebuild quickly and aren't displaced for too long.

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