Thursday, August 21, 2008

One of Those Days

Ever have one of those days where, at the end of the day you look back and say, "Why did I even get out of bed?" Yeah, me too. And today was one of them.

It started off with me hitting the snooze one too many times, and having to rush around to get Noah to school on time. On the way home it started to rain, and continued all day long. Later I headed to Walmart with a very small list, and was unable to find it all, so I have to go to another one tomorrow. The afternoon consisted of more rain, over-tired children, and two boys who failed to tell me who's house they were going to go play at, so I walked around the neighborhood knocking on doors (yes, in the rain) until I found the right house. Fast forward to after dinner, when my 'innocent' 14 month old pushed my Circle Of Friends candleholder from Mexico off the table and, because it is made from teracotta, it all but shattered.

It doesn't end there.

I put the boys to bed, and lay Sophia down. She's quiet for a few minutes but then realizes mommy's not coming back, so she starts screaming. I go to calm her down, and realize that someone (my guess is Jonah) locked her bedroom door, and I can't get in. I call the hubby in a panic asking him how to unlock the door from the outside. He, of course, is not home, and won't be for another 3 weeks (damn 7 level school). His response to my dilemma: laughter. By this time I'm near tears, and tell him to quit laughing because I'm not in the mood. I just want to know how to get into her room! He explains and I get it unlocked, and then he's off the phone as quick as he was on, because he wants to go shoot pool with the guys. *sigh* Must be nice to be able to hang up the phone and not have to deal with life.

Yes, there were a few bright spots in the day, the most notable one being when I told the boys to go brush their teeth for bed. Jonah shouted out "I already did! Wanna smell??" and proceeded to blow into my face so that I smell the toothpaste. Oh, what I wouldn't give to be a carefree 4 year old again!

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