Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Squirrels-1 Pumpkins-0

We have the worst squirrels living in the tree in our front yard. They are totally fearless of humans. More than once I have gotten yelled at by a squirrel when I walked out the front door. And I swear they wait until we are on our front sidewalk and then they start throwing the nuts from the tree at us. I am not exaggerating here...our friends will attest to that fact! I get beaned in the head at least once a day when I go outside. Noah and Jonah have even said that they need to wear their bike helmets when they walk under the tree.

But today they have crossed the line. I went outside a few minutes ago to bring letters to the mailbox and found this scene:

Jonah's pumpkin has been knocked on its side, and Sophia's lid is on the ground. Notice the bite of pumpkin to the left of Sophia's lid. I put the lid back on Sophia's pumpking and noticed these bite marks along the rim. The large bite mark is still juicy, so apparently I interrupted the squirrel's morning snack.

I am about ready to channel my inner Carl Spackler and go medieval on their tails!!

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