Friday, October 24, 2008

Jonah-isms v.3: Future Beer Vendor?

Noah and Jonah's favorite indoor pasttime is playing hockey in our hallway. It's a teacher workday today, and it's raining, so they have been playing hockey all day. Jonah came in to the living room asking for Sophia's ride-on car, saying he needed the zamboni to clean the ice between periods. A few minutes later he went into the kitchen to get some waterbottles for himself and Noah. Then I hear him down the hall saying "Get your ice cold beers here!" I got up to see what he was doing (and to make sure that they hadn't grabbed any of Bobby's beer from the back fridge), and this is what I saw:
I'm thinking we may have spent too much time at Arena when we lived in Phoenix.

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Vanessa said...

Now, that's funny!