Friday, October 17, 2008

Jonah-isms: An explanation.

My four-year-old is a trip and a half. The things that come out of that boy's mouth are some of the most hysterical things you'll ever hear. For instance:

I am allergic to cats. The boys know this, yet they still ask why we cannot have a kitten. One day while we were in the car, Jonah asked me yet again for a cat. I said no, explaining for the billionth time that cats make momma sneeze. His response was this: "Well, can you go move in to the doctor's then? He can give you medicine all the time, and then I can FINALLY get a cat."

Thanks kid, I feel the love.

My dear friend Natali summed Jonah up the best when she said that he is a living, breathing cartoon.

We have lovingly labeled Jonah's phrases & antics "Jonah-isms". They're just too good not to share, so be on the lookout for quite a few posts regarding this topic!

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