Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An answer to prayer?

Money has been really tight for us ever since we PCSed from Arizona in February. Bobby was working a part time job helping out Webster College on the base at Luke, and he was also umpiring softball, which in Arizona is a year-round sport. When we moved, that extra income went out the window. My Etsy sales have not been so hot recently, but that wasn't really a steady source of income for us anyway. We have been praying for months about what we can do, and everything we try turns up short. We've had Bobby's truck up for sale for almost 6 months now, but with the shaky economy, we are having trouble selling. I was starting to feel hopeless.

But yesterday while Bobby was at PT in the gym on base, he was chatting with another SSgt who was working out next to him, and they were talking about their kids and such. She mentioned that she was a single mom of two, and that she was really unhappy with their current daycare. She had to drive them 45 minutes to the center, then 45 minutes back to the base, and then do the same drive again after work. She was paying quite a bit of money for them to be in that daycare, on top of all the gas she was using getting back & forth. Bobby mentioned that I'd done babysitting at a few of our previous bases, and that he'd talk to me and get back with her.

He propositioned me last night with the idea of babysitting again. I was hesitant because I love having the freedom of being able to go run errands or go shopping during the day while the boys are in school and most people are at work (I hate crowds). But then I realized that maybe this was our answer. God always provides, and sometimes it comes in the least likely or inconvenient forms, but we have to trust that it will work out. We can't be picky and say "No, God, I don't think that's good enough. What else you got?" So I am willing to take one for the team, so to speak, and try to help out my family in our struggle. The extra income will be such a relief on our minds and bank account.

We are still in the discussion phase at this point, but the more I think about it, the more I think it is the right thing to do. Please pray that we will recognize God's direction in this!


Maria said...

good for you Jen. Daycare is the reason I gave up working. Don't get me wrong, I love being home with Aidan, but I wouldn't have quit my job if we had an option I was totally comfortable with. I just couldn't bring myself to put him in the daycare center we got him in (in our area the "best" daycares all have waiting lists that I didn't believe, so I snoozed too long to get him in). I loved having my mom watch him, but since she lives over 2 hours away, that wasn't a reasonable option...anyways, I guess my point is that by you doing this you are enabling that woman to go to work and actually focus on her job:)

SportsMom620 said...

Hey, Jen! That sounds like a great option for you and the family. It gives you the extra income you need and gives helps her save money. Maybe God is trying to help you both! Keep praying and you will get the right answer! Val:)