Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bank of America STILL sucks.

Remember a couple of months ago when this happened to me?

Well, guess what. It's happening again. Only now it's the hubby's card. We emailed yesterday to inform the bank that his card expires the end of the month and we still have not recieved his card. We got a response back today that went like this:

"Dear SSgt S,
We apologized for the inconvenience, Our records indicate that your debit card ending in **** was mail to the following address SURPRISE AZ . We have send another card Fed ex at no charge to you to the address on file CHARLESTON AFB SC on November 20, 2008, please let us know when you receive this card and what is the PIN you would like, once you receive this card your current card will be cancel.

Bank of America Military banking customer service"

SERIOUSLY? They sent it to Arizona, yet again, even though they say in the email that the address on file is in Charleston?! Come on you morons, get your act together!!!

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