Saturday, November 29, 2008


The boys got to celebrate Christmas early with their Mimi & Papa (hubby's parents) this year because of scheduling conflicts for the month of December (we've got hockey tournaments and they're going on a cruise. JEALOUS!!). They were given a Wii. And so begins my quest to beat the pants of my hubby in the bowling game on Wii Sports.

I have played so much in the few days we've had it that my shoulder and upper arm are sore from the constant bowling-like movement. I even found myself playing 10 frames by myself this morning when I got up with Sophia at 7:45 and everyone else was still sleeping.

They say the first step to recovery is acknowledging that you have a problem. So, my friends, I stand up and say to you, "I'm Jen, and I'm a Wii-aholic."

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Brandon said...

LOL. The first thing I thought of when you said you got a Wii, was sore muscles. All of us ended up with aching shoulders, arms, and elbows trying to throw 100 mph fastballs (before we realized you could do it with a quick wrist flick). :)