Friday, January 16, 2009

Frugal How-To: Girl's Night Out

Here's my formula for how to have an inexpensive Girl's Night Out.

Dinner: Olive Garden-Endless salad & breadsticks for my meal, water to drink.Total after tip:$7
Entertainment: One ticket to see "Bride Wars" at the cheap theater: $4.75
Total damage done to the wallet: $11.75. Not too shabby for 5 hours out with the girls!


RenderingRisch said...

I'm utterly impressed. Our cheap theater only shows the films that our on their way out so it's nice that you have one that's decent. oh and I love olive garden's salad, soup, bread sticks (darn those bread sticks).

Vanessa said...

Loved this movie! Saw it on a girl's afternoon out too!