Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stay-at-home-Mom Resume'

I was thinking the other day about all of the jobs and skills that I have. Some are obvious, others you'd never in a million years guess that I could do. Want to know what they are? Here you go!

Housekeeper~pretty self-explanitory.
Laundry service
Chauffeur~who else will bring the kids to baseball & hockey when Dad's TDY/Deployed or at a practice of his own?
Seamstress/Artisan~ I can whip up a costume for Halloween or a birthday present (for a friend who gave us an invitation last minute) in no time. Teacher gifts are no match for me!
Referee~I have three kids and babysit another. No further explanation needed.
Builder~ The boys' dresser-I put it together. Sophia's baby doll highchair, stroller, & playpen-that was my handiwork too. If it came in a box with instructions, I did it. I have my own tools, you know. They're purple.
Equipment Manager~ I can outfit my kids for any sport you can throw at me. Goalie gear for Noah? No problem!
Athlete~ I can play baseball, throw a football, or shoot a hockey puck. Only thing I'm useless at is golf.
Accountant~Someone's gotta balance the checkbook!
Secretary~Answer phones, take messages, and keep record of appointments. Y'all should see our calendar!!
Doctor~ Like I said before, I'm a bloody nose pro.
Personal Shopper~ This includes clothes/accessories AND groceries.
Party Planner
Business woman~Making and selling all the items in my Etsy shop.
Florist~I worked at two different flower shops when I was in high school. I can put together one heck of a centerpiece, if I do say so myself. I can even do bridal bouquets!
Tutor~two kids in school, one with lots of homework everyday. Mom to the rescue!
Packer/mover~7 moves in 8 years and you'd be a pro too!
Tour Guide~when you move to a new place every few years, and family comes to visit, they always want to see the local sites.

So that's me in a nutshell. Any of those things surprise you?


Amy said...

Sounds about right to me! : ) You should add counselor though cause you're a great listener and friend too!

Jen said...

@ Amy: You are so sweet! Seriously...your comment made my entire week. I miss you!!