Thursday, March 12, 2009

Signs you are getting old.

Having turned 27 a couple weeks ago, I know that I'm on the downward slide that leads me to 30. *GASP!* It's a fact that is not sitting well with me, in case you can't tell.

On the way to the boys' hockey practice last night, I realized that I am indeed getting old. And here's why.

You know you're getting old when:
* The pounding bass from the car behind you actually hurts your ears and threatens to give you a headache.
* The volume on the TV is at 25 (out of 100) and you yell at the kids/hubby to turn it down.
* Your baby sister is of legal drinking age.
* Kids you once babysat when they were little are now announcing engagements.
*You sit down to watch an hour long show at 9pm only to find that you have fallen asleep half way through and don't know how it ended.
* You choose the 'sensible' sneakers for a day out shopping rather than the cute new shoes that are begging to be worn.
* The airman checking ID's at the gate looks so young that he could be your child instead of your husband's fellow warrior.

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Anonymous said...

officially depressed.