Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time to brag!

Being an Air Force wife, I tend to check out shows/movies/books that pertain to the military way of life- especially that of the military family. One of my favorite movies is "We Were Soldiers" because of how it shows the perspectives of the family members left behind. I also love the Lifetime show, "Army Wives".
Anyway, this post is about me bragging so here it comes. Army Wives often films at the base where we're stationed!! Cool right?? I almost always know the day that they're shooting becuase I see tents set up in the BX and Commissary parking lots right at the front of the base. I always find a reason to wander around on those days, hoping to see a celebrity (so far, I've only ever seen crew members though). They also cast military members and families from our base in the roles of extras, so I'm hoping that one of these times we'll get lucky and see ourselves on tv!

Of course the hubby is dying to see Catherine Bell, who plays the role of Denise on the show. He's been in love with her since her days as Mac from "JAG". Who do I want to run into? That'd be Roxy's hot hubby, Trevor, thank you very much!


Dawn said...

Oh, you and I think alike! Trevor is hot! But I am with Bobby, I love Catherine Bell . . .actually I just love this show.

Jennifer Fontana said...

I actually saw a few of them when they were at the commissary. I got my picture taken with "roxy" and "pamela" and got to see catherine bell, but did not get a picture with her.

Jen said...

@ Jennifer: SHUT UP! Oooh I'm so Jealous...I love Pamela!

Dang I'm never in the right place at the right time!