Monday, March 9, 2009

With warm weather comes...

I love to have my windows open when the weather's nice. We've had three days in a row now of gorgeous, open-window worthy temperatures.

We live in military housing, which means we have TINY backyards and the houses behind ours are all within spitting distance of my backdoor. So on lovely days like today, one of our neighbors puts their birdcage out on their back porch. No big deal right? WRONG! Their bird whistles all day long, and only knows the opening bars to ONE SONG- the one that's played in the credits of The Andy Griffith Show where Andy & Opie are walking hand-in-hand with their fishing poles.

Yeeeeeeahhhh...that's what I've been hearing all day.

I wonder if the hubby still has any earplugs lying around the house from his AMMO days??

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