Friday, June 5, 2009

Sort of a Friday Finds on Etsy...Sophia's birthday party treat bags.

Sophia's party is tomorrow. I've been busting my tail getting things ready around here. We're doing a ladybug theme, and I decided that I would make all of the goody bag treats, because I couldn't find anything toddler-aged in the stores that I liked. It was alot of work, but I had fun!
I got plain red paper bags from Walmart for 25 cents a peice. Then I punched 1" holes in black construction paper and glued them on.
I made some fun bottlecap necklaces for each little girly. I got the images from Magnolia Graphics on Etsy.
I made ladybug clippies for everyone too. I just cut some more black construction paper into rectangles, clipped on the ladybug, and then added the wonderful stickers from Sticker Doodles (again, an Etsy find).
I made some fun wands with 25 cent wooden cutouts from the craft store, dowels that I painted black, and some ribbon cut into even lengths.
Finally, I made some marshmallow pops. Now, I had some issues with these. I got the idea from this post by Grace Violet. Now, I either just had a HORRIBLE day yesterday or she has some magic white chocolate, because I couldn't get mine to cooperate. I melted it and it was all nice and creamy, but when I went to add the food coloring, it got all chalky and I couldn't dip the marshmallow into it. I tried to warm it over on the stove on low, but that just made the marshmallow melt when I dipped it in. So I gave up and bought some white whipped frosting, added food coloring to that, and dipped it that way. It doesn't harden like it should, but it'll have to do. It's not like a bunch of 2 year olds are gonna know the difference anyway. (They didn't come out red like I wanted, but more of a dark pink. Just ask hubby...I was frusterated.) Anyway, here's my finished product:

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MN Mom said...

What a great party idea Jen! I might steal this idea for Addy's party next year...if she's not so afraid of them by then! :)