Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trials of the Tooth Fairy

The other day Noah lost yet another tooth, thanks to Jonah accidentally thwacking him in the head while they were horsing around outside. Fortunately it was a tooth that was already loose and hanging by a thread just waiting to come out. (That would make TWO teeth of Noah's that Jonah has knocked out. *sigh* BOYS.)

The7 came up to the house with their friends from across the street and handed me the tooth (gag!) and said to keep it safe so the tooth fairy could come that night. I put it in a small ziploc bag and said that it was all set for him to put under his pillow. That satisfied them and as they were all walking back across the street, I overheard this:

Friend: "D'you think the tooth fairy has a military ID? This is base housing ya know."
Noah: "Nah, I don't think she's military, so she must have to get a visitor's pass."


Diana said...

LOL, That's great!!!

Rykse Family said...

That cracked me up. Too funny!!

Sarah said...

Great story!