Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Finds on Etsy: Halloween Part 2- Pumpkins

We all know that I love Halloween. The decorating, the costumes, the CANDY! And when I decorate I love to use pumpkins. They're so bright and cheery....I can't help but smile when I see them. I'm a grinnin' fool when we drive past a pumpkin patch.

Here's some of my favorites from Etsy this week:
First up are these ADORABLE bows from Madi & Bill. Now, normally I make all of Miss Sophia's bows, but I have not yet mastered this style, and oh! how I love them! And with the monogrammed pumpkin center?! Forget it!! I'm taken!
Next up is this super cute customized trick or treat bag from First Crush Designs. It's another must-have! I love all things personalized and I could envision all three of my boogers carrying these adorable bags to gather goodies- even my 9 yr old BOY.
Lastly is from my shop, Jen's Craft Corner. I so wish I would've started making these bloomers when Miss Thing was still in diapers. She would've have at least one pair for every holiday. Seriously. But since she's three now, I think the hubby would frown on her walking around in these. But wouldn't they be so adorable on a little munchkin for their first Halloween?? So there you have it. Three of my favorite pumpkin items from Etsy. Go on over and check out for yourself...there's so much greatness there!


The Learned Lady said...

So cute! I love the personalized treat bags - great idea!

MadiandBill said...

Love it!!! husband couldnt believer that was mine!!....I showed it to everybody!!!