Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. Part 2.

We were FINALLY going to be home free with Jonah having broken fingers. Yesterday was his last set of x-rays and we were scheduled to see the doc today for the results.
But apparently, 2 broken fingers since June wasn't enough. And the memory of his sister splitting her head open and having 4 staples b/c she fell jumping on the bed wasn't enough to make him refrain from the very same act. The boy fell off the bed and broke his arm yesterday evening.
I was downstairs when I heard a thump. Honestly, when you have the children I do, you hear thumps all the time. The boys are BOYS and play knee hockey in their room almost daily. So the thump wasn't anything out of the ordinary and I continued on with whatever I was doing. Until I heard the wailing, and then the shouts from my sister that Jonah broke his arm.

My whole body sagged. Didn't we just get back from x-rays where the technician cautiously informed me that this was his fourth trip to the Base Radiology department since July? Didn't we just get something out of a splint??

I headed to the stairs and they were already down...and I saw it. Jonah's arm had a dip in it between the wrist and elbow. We raced nextdoor to our EMT neighbor's house (thank Heaven she wasn't on shift last night!) and she informed me that it was indeed a Silver Fork Break and that I needed to take him to Urgent Care. (She referred to is as a silver fork b/c his arm looked like what a fork looks like when lying upside down. Aren't you glad I gave you that mental picture??)

She helped me get him into the car while I called the after-hours nurse on the base to let them know I was headed to the urgent care facility and that they needed to call in a referral. I also called the hubby (who is, of course, still in Georgia) and filled him in. We got seen, had x-rays, and were informed that he broke both the ulna and the radius and the he was being splinted and given a sling. We then had to follow up on the base and have them refer us to an Orthopedic doc for the cast.
We kept our appointment for this morning and the nurse took one look and said "Hey wait...he's more broken than the last time he was in! He's supposed to be better by now!". The doc put in our referral, so now we just wait for the notification of where we're being sent. I'm praying it's quick....I can't keep this boy immobile for long and having just a splint on is really making me wary. The boy needs an iron cast...not an ace bandaged splint.

The little man was brave yesterday and didn't hardly cry at all, but he was definitely scared. And today the pain is quite a bit worse (as expected) and Tylenol every 4 hours isn't helping. I hate when I can't make one of my babies feel better. That's my job as a take care of their hurts. And I can't do it.


Dawn F said...

Poor guy! I cannot believe he is having such bad luck! Am I in trouble with having two boys? Yikes! I hope you get in to the doc soon and it heals quickly! Nothing worse than feeling helpless when your kids are in pain. :-(

SportsMom620 said...

awe... brings tears to my eyes... Jen... good luck with this one...

Tina said...

:( I seriously had tears for this whole situation ... mainly for you, as I know you've got some very rough boys *I think they get that from their daddy* -- shhh! ;) and can't seem to catch a break (no pun intended) with all that is going on.

Jen - I hope the break heals quickly, for your sake and Jonah's. I know you always do the best you can, and being a mama too, I understand your feelings for not always being able to eleviate your kiddos pain.


The Learned Lady said...

Oh dear! He's a little trouble-maker, isn't he? I hope he recovers quickly! I broke my arm in 2nd grade, right before Christmas -- and had to open all my presents with one hand. Plus I got a new bike that year. It was TORTURE until my arm healed and I was free to go riding. Don't torture him with any presents like that! LOL. BTW - I love that song and read the little book to Hasmik all the time, but hopefully she won't start jumping on the bed. EVER. (especially since we have hard floors everywhere in our house) ;)