Monday, November 1, 2010

Five weeks is an eternity to a 6 year old.

Here's the little man sportin' his super cool Camo cast. The nurse technician and the doc both commented on the fact that it was a pretty bad break. The doc is concerned that he's had so many fractures/breaks for his age and said that when he measured the bones on the xray, Jonah's bones weren't measuring where they should be for his age. Not sure the next course of action, but we'll wait and see what they say in 5 weeks when we have the cast removed.

For now, he's been cleared to play sports with his brother and his friends, and is free to play at recess and PE. But I'm still holding off on allowing skating/skateboarding/bike riding. Call me overprotective, but I prefer not to tempt fate.

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The Learned Lady said...

You are wise, not overprotective. You have learned from your previous experiences with this adventurous little boy! Hope Halloween was swell with all the lil' ones! :)