Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween, Shearer style.

We started our morning with orange colored pancakes that we decorated as "jack-o-lanterns" with chocolate chips. This one is the hubby's; apparently this is what you come up with when you're studying crime scene investigation at law enforement training. Gross, if you ask me. Then we went and bought some more pumpkins to carve. The ones from Noah's birthday party were a little yuck.After a super yummy dinner, we got the kids dressed and headed out for some Trick or Treating. Here's my pirate and my crippled shark.And the "Queen Bee" herself. Apparently she felt that her stroller was her chariot and I was her horse and footman. She was quite demanding about where I should stop the stroller and how long to wait for her to get back in.Trick or Treat! With daddy, who was dressed as a blind hockey ref. He got lots of laughs with that one!

The kids had a blast and were so happy that their daddy got to stay later this Sunday than normal. They got TONS of candy, too. Noah counted his and had 167 pieces. Jonah counted his up to 208. I told people earlier in the week that I guaranteed the sling would get Jonah "sympathy candy"...sure enough he did. I should've bet money!


Staci said...

Cute bee costume! That was a creative costume your husband came up with :) Our kids got lots of candy too. Looks like they'll have enough to last until Santa brings some for their stockings!

Jen said...

Thanks! I made the bee and the shark. I always try to make at least one costume myself every year. It's more fun that way!

Andrea M. said...

I broke my arm two years ago a few days before halloween. Instead of going as a crippled referee (which was the costume I had previously bought), I went as an accident victim. I wore torn jeans and a torn tee with fake blood and made bruises on my arms and face with make up. No one realized that my cast was real until I showed up with it the next day.