Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fun at the Fair

Over the weekend we went to the Coastal Carolina Fair. We spent a few hours there and it would've been longer if we had more money!We played a ton of games. (sorry..there are no games of pictures because both the hubby & I had to help...I helped Sophia and he helped Mr. One-arm.)
The kids really enjoyed the 4H Animal tent. The cows, chickens, horses, and pigs were a hit with my munchkins!I would NOT want to be a momma pig. I thought nursing one baby at a time was bad enough...this poor lady has 6 piglets going at it at once! And lemme tell you-they were NOT gentle!

Our family also was taped & interviewed for CBS Channel 5 news in Charleston! They did a piece on the cost of the fair for a family. Me & my goofy self was shown answering questions on the 11pm news on Saturday, 30 Oct. I'm famous! (Haha!)

The kids really enjoyed themselves, despite not going on any rides. Jonah wasn't able to ride anything with his arm in a sling, so we just decided to nix rides for everyone to keep it fair. The each ended up winning at least one game- Sophia won the first game and told everyone that it was the highlight of her day.

I hope that Oklahoma City has some good fairs...the kids really got their feet wet with this one and can't wait to go to more!

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