Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time flies...

I cannot believe that next week is Thanksgiving. And then just a few days after that, the hubby will be graduating from FLETC training in Georgia. The four-and-a-half months has gone so quickly! If you would've asked me back in July if I thought the time would go so fast I would've laughed in your face.

Actually, I think I did laugh at a few of you who tried to tell me that.

But I am here to admit that yes, it HAS sped by. And it just keeps getting faster and faster.

I'm thrilled to bits that we're at the end of this chapter, but I'm also dreading it. Because the hubby's graduation means that less than 45 days later we will be living in a new state, having to find a new house, send the boys to yet another new school, and we'll all have to make new friends.

I like my friends that are here in South Carolina, thanks.

I'm not saying that people in Oklahoma are bad...not at all. We actually have a few friends in the area already, so that will definitely help. But I want my South Carolina friends. And my South Carolina house. And my South Carolina beaches. And South Carolina. I'm just not ready to leave.

I know that you're all thinking "Well, you're a military wife...you should know that this was coming." Yes, I did know. But I feel at home here and just because I knew we'd be moving away at some point doesn't mean I'm ready for it. We're having a bit of trouble finding a house we like/is in a safe neighborhood/we can afford out in OKC so that doesn't help my "moving mood".

And we are moving over Christmas, so that doesn't make it any easier. I love decorating my house for the holidays. My hubby loves hanging Christmas lights. My kids love putting ornaments on the tree. All of this will be nixed this year. I will, however decorate my fireplace mantle because I'm finally in a house that has one, and gosh dangit I'm hanging stockings from it. Even if it is only going to be for a couple of weeks. They're getting hung.

This has been an emotional few weeks for me, and is only going to get harder the closer it gets to us leaving. I fight back tears on a daily basis when I think of having to leave all my wonderful friends here. Some of them I consider family. Shoot...I've spent more holidays with them than I have with my own extended family the last couple of years. I wish I could pack them up and take them with me.

Even my 3 year old begs me weekly to "please please please pack my best friend Gracie in our car??"

My heart hurts.

We are doing our best to make the holiday special for the kids...we plan on bringing our Christmas gifts along in the car with us and wherever we are on Christmas we will open gifts and make the day happy for them. We have a small Christmas tree that the hubby brings with him when he's deployed over the holidays, so we will set that up in our hotel room for Christmas morning. We're taking our time driving out and have a few stops already planned out. We're going to spend a day/night in Memphis and see the city all decorated. We told the kids that since we can't put up our big tree this year, we'll go see as many huge Christmas trees as we can in all the places we stop on the way.

We just have to deal and adapt. It's things like this that I never thought of when I married a military man. But here they are.

So remember military families this year when you're celebrating with your loved ones. Because even if they're not serving overseas, they're are so many who still have to be apart from the ones they love.

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