Monday, September 8, 2008

I STILL hate Bank of America.

So here's an update on the Bank of America drama.

I went in last week to pull money from my bank account so that I could buy hurricane supplies, and have cash on hand if I had to leave town. While I was in the branch, I asked if they could look up the date that I requested a new card. They pulled it up and said that it was ordered on the 19th of August. But guess where the idiots mailed it? Yep...ARIZONA. Again. WTH?! I almost broke down in tears. The woman at the bank cancelled that card and ordered yet another one (this makes 3) and had it 2-day mailed to their branch, so that someone could sign for it. They were going to call me when it came in, and they said it would be Thursday at the very latest. No call. They were closed on Friday like the rest of the base was for the storm, and I didn't know their operating hours on Saturday, so I waited until today to call. And, big shocker, they STILL have not recieved my card. I am going on three weeks with no debit card. Words cannot express how frusterated I am. The tellers all know me by name because I'm in so often to take money out. I wouldn't be surprised if they have my account number memorized at this point. I can't use the ATM, because they only issue temporary ATM cards to regular bank account holders. We have Military banking.

So here I sit, fuming and contemplating changing banks. What a way to spend an already long day. Thankfully hubby will be home sometime tonight so at least we'll have his debit card. But it still makes my blood boil!


RenderingRisch said...

Is that the only bank on base? Because people must be given options!!!

Jen said...

We can bank wherever, it was just easier for us to have BofA since they have locations all over, and even had ATM's in England and Europe. But it's seriously getting old!

Brandon said...

Yeah, watch out for BofA, they have some accounts with a limit on "Teller transaction" per banking cycle. Just a heads up, it would suck to go through all this AND get charged for excessive transactions. (I'm not talking about Reg D transactions either, just going in). You might want to check that out. I hate BofA too, that's why I closed my account after I stopped working there.