Friday, September 5, 2008

Riding it out...

Well, since it's just going to be a tropical storm, and Charleston is not projected to take a direct hit anymore, the base has decided not to evacuate. Well, at least that's what I'm assuming, since no one was informed of an actual decision being made. Off and on last night there were cars that had backseats packed to the roof heading off base. But since it's not mandatory, I am riding it out. The military would reimburse us for travel and expenses if they made us leave, but since they're not, we would be out all that cash. And since they're talking about Ike being on almost the exact same path as Hanna, I'd prefer to save my small amount of evacuation money for a storm that really would do some damage.

Hanna is forecasted to make landfall farther up the South Carolina coast, and not until about 2am. So the worst weather will occur while the munchkins are sleeping. I, of course, will attempt to sleep, but can assure you that I will not be successful in that endeavor.

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RenderingRisch said...

yeah, there's no way I could sleep either!