Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Leaving on a jetplane...

Tomorrow's the big day! Sophia and I will be heading to the airport and flying our way to the west coast!

The boys are pretty bummed, because their plans for a fun-filled weekend with Daddy, Meme & Papa, and Uncle Tim have been thwarted by Daddy's boss. She revoked the hubby's leave, so alas, the boys will have to go to school. (Don't get me started on this!). Is it bad that I'm a little happy that the hubby will have to get the boys to bed on time and up and ready for school in the morning, and not have the luxury of sleeping in and letting his parents help with the boys? Probably. But nonetheless, there's a little voice in my head saying "Hahaha! Now you'll know what it's like to be a single parent!" in a sing-songy voice.

Anyway, my girls in Cali have ALOT planned for me, and I absolutely cannot wait! Sophia's going to have LOADS of fun with Keegan and Hadley, and I will forever be grateful to Brandon for keeping the three of them while the momma's head out for a much needed "Girl's Night Out".

Nat, Brandon & Keegan...see you tomorrow night!
Kara & Hadley...see you Thursday!
All off the girls coming out with us...I'll see YOU on Friday night!!
Everyone else...I'll be back on Sunday. Try not to miss me too much ;)

California, HERE WE COME!

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RenderingRisch said...

oh I'm happy your coming. Hopefully I'll see you friday night!