Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fashion in the South: Bowties

Having lived in Charleston for over a year now, I have noticed some things that I've never seen anywhere else. I grew up in Florida, but that's not really considered "the South". Charleston, on the other hand, definitely is. There are things that are uber popular here that I thought went out of style a very long time ago. Apparently, though, I was wrong. I am not sure how long this series will be, but there are definitely some things I want to share with those of you who haven't experienced the culture that I'm immersed in here.
The first instalment is something that whenever the hubby & I see it, it takes all of our willpower not to start giggling. We've noticed at church the last few weeks that the bowtie is back with a vengence. And it's not just on the older men or toddlers like you'd think. There are college boys and 30-somethings that sport these suckers as well. Last Sunday, the hubby & I counted five bowtie-clad men in the short time it took us to walk from dropping Sophia at the nursery, to Jonah's Sunday school class one hallway down. And there were hordes more in our contemporary service. To me, it's just funny to see men around my age wearing these blast-from-the-past accessories. Bobby jokes that he's going to channel the fashion stylings of Orville Redenbacher and get one as well.
(Yes, we've seen the suspenders too!)


Diana said...

Too funny! I don't think it's really a southern thing (although MO is kinda in the south, but CO isn't), I'm pretty sure bow ties are just back in style. :) I see men wearing suits all day everyday in my job, and I see them all the time. Honestly I really like them. ;) It's a little old-school, but funky. I have seen the suspenders, but I think only on the older men. I'm not so much a fan of those.

Amy G. said...

Yep Jen, they are back in style. My very fashion savvy 18 year old brother and my BIL both wear them on a regular basis. : )