Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fashion In The South: Smocked Clothes

This is another style I've seen alot of since moving to Charleston. My sisters & I used to wear smocked dresses when we were kids, thanks to the store my mom & Grandma loved, Polly Flinders. But these puppies are a little different. They're more boutique-ish and have cross stitched designs on them. My gram says that I should start making them becuase I'd sell out right away living here. And these dresses run rampant on all the fashionable little tykes at our church.
But don't for one second think that these precious little numbers are just for girls. Ohhhhhhh no. They make smocked outfits for the fellas too. My friends, I give you the Jon Jon!
What's that you say? Oh! You want to match your son & daughter in smocked goodness?? No problem! Just check out places like Shrimp & Grits Kids - they have lots of brother & sister matchiness. (If that ain't a Southern sounding store, I don't know what is!!)

Now, don't get me wrong. Some of these dresses are absolutely adorable. And if I ever win the lottery I will buy one for Sophia. But I have to say, I'm glad we live here when my daughter is little, not when my boys were. I really don't think I could've put them in a Jon Jon!


Amy G. said...

I think jon-jons are cute for really special occasions...until a baby can walk. Levi wore one to my sister's August wedding when he was about seven months old. It didn't have any cross stitching or smocking on it though. I guess I am TRUE southern. : ) I should be! I've lived in GA, SC, NC and TX.

Jen said...

I will give you that much...jon jons are cute for certain things on babies. Jonah wore something pretty similiar to a friend's wedding when he was about 5 mos.

And yes, Amy, you're very southern ;)

Diana said...

LoL!!! My mom and I got into an arguement about this just a couple weeks ago. I can't stand smocking!!! It may be very beautiful in some instances, but I can't get over the very early 80's look of it. I've seen so many pictures of myself as a toddler in smocked dresses to be able to put my daughter in one. :)