Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Don't say panties!!

My little princess is starting to use the potty! Yesterday I only changed ONE diaper (after naptime) and the rest of the day she went on the toilet like a big girl!! I'm so thrilled- neither one of the boys was potty trained until they were 3. Sophia's not even 2 yet! I know we're just beginning, but I am still excited. So today while we were out running errands, I let her pick out some big girl panties. She picked these cute little things (obviously in a smaller size!).Hubby came home for lunch and I told him that I bought her some panties to wear around the house and he gave me the infamous "Bobby look" (one raised eyebrow) and said "Panties??" I nodded, and asked him what the big deal was. They were only $3.50, so it's not like a dropped a ton of money on them. He just kept looking at me with a quizzical expression. Clearly not following him, I asked again what he was talking about. He looked at me with both eyebrows raised and said "You can't call them panties. Panties are lingerie. My not-yet-two-year-old daughter does NOT wear lingerie. Call them undies or underwear. Don't say panties!!"
After hearing the explaination, I rolled my eyes, threw my hands in the air and walked away trying my hardest not to laugh. I was unsuccessful.


Diana said...

LoL... panties are not lingerie!!! That's silly. I call Danica's panties too. :)

I'm sorry, but underwear that covers your entire butt with all that fabric is in no way sexy enough to be lingerie.

Terren said...

That's funny!

Natali said...

If Ariel panties are "lingerie" I need to send you a Vicky's Secret card woman! lol j/k Bobby is a nut.