Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Finds on Etsy: Whipped Clean Body Wash

I found this outstanding body was on Etsy a few months back and I absolutely LOVE it. It is from GudonyaToo. There's tons more stuff in that shop, but this is my fave. It's called Whipped Clean Body Wash and it is amazing. I have super dry skin. Usually I lotion my hands and arms at least three times a day. But when I use this stuff in my morning shower, I don't have to use lotion ONCE. How awesome is that? And (not that it affects me much) their stuff is Vegan. So it's great for everyone!

It comes in lots of yummy scents like Chocolate Dream or Wild Strawberry just to name a couple, but my favorite is the Tahitian Vanilla. They come in both 4oz and 8 oz jars, so if you just want to sample some, grab a small jar. The 8 oz jar usually lasts me about a month.

Go check them out and enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Jen...I just bought some deodorant, whipped body wash and shampoo!