Sunday, May 24, 2009

Victory is mine!!

Well, technically the victory belongs to whatever sticky nasty piece of candy got stuck in Noah's hair. But because of trying to comb it out of his long shaggy mess, he decided that long hair wasn't worth it and said "Just cut it off mom. Make it look like dad's." Hooray!! I was really quick to break out the clippers and hand them off to the hubby. We asked Noah 3681684 times if he was SURE he wanted it cut, and he kept saying yes. So cut it we did. He no longer has the messy slob long boy-hair! I'm so happy!

Now if we could only get Jonah to give in to the clippers. Would I be a horrible person if I stuck some chewed up gum in there 'on accident'??

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Becca said...

I dare you to!