Monday, May 18, 2009

Silly Songs with Sophia

Man I love my kids! They do the funniest things, without even meaning to. Sophia just came up and asked me for some "chocka moke" (that's chocolate milk for those who don't speak toddler-ese), and while I was getting her some, she proceeded to dance in front of the fridge and sing this little diddy:

Chocka moke! Chocka moke! Choka moke!
Chocka moke is nummy nummy nummy!
Chocka moke!!

This entire song was done in a grovelly voice-think Cookie Monster saying "Mee loooove cooookieeees".

Yeah, that was a pretty pointless blog entry, but it made me smile on a yucky, rainy day so I thought I'd try to bring a smile to someone else ;)

1 comment:

Amy G. said...

Aw. It made me smile. Thanks! I can just see her doing it. : )