Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jonah-isms: part 6

Jonah's done with the school year, a fact which Noah loathes entirely. Yesterday on his first day of summer break, he was quite the inquisitive child. He was asking all kinds of questions all day long. But my favorite went something like this.

Jonah: "Know what momma? Yesterday while we were playing outside we saw some lovebugs."
Me: "Oh yeah? I think love bugs are gross."
Jonah: "Momma, do lovebugs make people fall in love with each other? Because if they do, then I think they're gross too."
Me (trying my hardest not to laugh): "No baby, they don't make people fall in love. They just look like two bugs that are, erm...kissing. Yeah, two bugs kissing. That's why they call them lovebugs."
Jonah: "Oh. Then I guess they're okay."

Here's a lovely picture of these nasty bugs for those of you who don't have the "fortune" of seeing them on a daily basis.

As long as he doesn't decide to examine one up close and realize that they are, in fact, NOT kissing, we'll be golden.


Vanessa said...

Bugs just gross me out!

Together We Save said...

Bugs are very gross.