Monday, May 25, 2009

Remembering those who served.

This picture was taken by me last summer at Patriot's Point in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Being a military wife, patriotic holidays like today affect me in a different way than they did before. When I was a teenager, Memorial Day was just another excuse to have a day off and head to the beach, maybe hitting a barbecue after. But now, I realize that this day has huge significance. I will never forget all the men and women who came before me, who have sacrificed so much to keep our country free. There are a handful of veterans in my family, as well as a few who are still active duty. And of course we have so many friends in the armed forces I can't even count them all. Fortunately, all of our military friends are still alive. Sure, I know of people who have made the ultimate sacrifice, but I have never known them personally. But I also know that somewhere down the road, chances are I will be remembering someone close to me on this day.

So today I remember all of the soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and guardsmen who have willingly laid down their lives for our country. I say a silent prayer for their families who have been left behind. I remember my grandfather who, although he passed away well after his service, fought in the Korean War.

Take a moment today and thank a servicemember. You never know how deeply it could touch them.

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